Can a System this Broken be Fixed?

Education in the United States is broken, each successive government improvement plan has either been only marginally successful or a complete failure that compounds the problem.

Can we fix the current system? 

I don’t think so.

There are so many things that need to be changed and so much commitment to the current model of education that the only real way to revolutionize it is to start over from scratch with a completely new model and new system. 

Does that sound radical? Radical ideas are what change the world for the better.

So what would a new system look like?

It wouldn’t be feeding corporations that sell educational products, it wouldn’t be overstuffed with administrators administering a a fsiling system year after year, it wouldn’t be rigid and held hostage by government bureacracy that seeks to micromanage teachers to death.

It would have autonomous teachers with exceptional backgrounds and training. These individuals would be paid well and the jobs would be competitive, only the best would get to teach. On-the-job training, mentering and collaboration would be imperative. The government and administrative staff wouldn’t be interfering with the teaching process, acting like lords of the castle, they would be support personnel. They would be working to get resources and help students in other ways. Teachers need to be their own bosses for the most part, they are highly trained pprofessionals or at least they should be. 

Schools would not be rushed to cram curriculum down student’s throats for the sake of some giant, expensive test that was the ultimate measure of everything academic. We would trust teachers to teach the students and recognize wwjen they aren’t learning.

Instead of a rushed, overmanaged classroom, the atmosphere would be relaxed and comfortable. Students would be encouraged to be independent and mastering fundamental skills would be at the heart of the school day. There would not be too much school, we would have time and space for other activities tto enrich students lives.

The education ‘industry’ would shrink, corporations and consultants role in education would be reduced.

Parents would be more involved both in interacting with teachers and studentd, but also determining what they want their children to learn.

Hands-on learning would play a bigger role as kids learn t o actually do something iin the world.

Sounds like a pipe dream?

Maybe, but we can find ways of making it happen. We just have to think outside the box and step out of the system altogether, create an alternative system and start chipping away at the foundation of the broken school system we have now. Eventually the system will crumble.

We can do this!

Don’t settle for inferiority and failure. 

Thanks for reading.


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